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 Kenya Wildlife Photography Adventure Safaris

Kenya wildlife photography adventure safaris explores the best wildlife photography safari destinations in Kenya and Tanzania.  Wildlife Photography adventures in East Africa require a team that understands it and  Wildportraits Safaris is Kenyan owned safari agency dedicated to providing wildlife enthusiasts and Wildlife photographers alike with epic experiences. We offer  Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Safari holidays and tailor made Kenya Tanzania family safari holidays. A Kenya wildlife photography adventure safari calls for a keen eye and our  experienced safari guides  will explore the enchanting landscapes in search of Africas big cats, elephants, rhinos and beautiful birds with you. They will teach you more about the diverse cultural differences of the people of East Africa, how they relate to wildlife around them and the conservation models that make East Africa a top wildlife photography and safari destination. The guides on our wildlife photography Kenya safari are experts in positioning the custom made safari vehicle for you, be it for a back lit shot or a front shot while respecting the animal and mother nature in general. Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari is far much fun and exciting with a team of guides who are passionate and photographers themselves.  Explore the far-flung savannah plains as the hooves thunder during the great wildebeest migration as the claws and jaws anxiously wait for them. Our safari guides   have in-depth knowledge of the local conditions thus giving you an unequalled safari experience. They are not only passionate about nature but they are also experts in wildlife photography making your Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Photography Safari fun and informative one.  Our office team is equally passionate and are at hand to walk with you as we custom make your Kenya wildlife adventure safari, wildlife safaris holiday in Kenya and Tanzania. Our 4×4 Safari vehicles are custom made for the best game viewing experience in the national park and reserves in East Africa. We take pride in having specialist guides in Mountain climbing expeditions. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing expedition is the most popular in hiking activity in Africa. Our team of guides and potters will give you personalised attention. Mount Kenya climbing which is also an adventure you should add on your Africa travel bucket list. Our dedicated team will ensure you have an adventurous climb.  Bird watching is  a hobby like no other and Kenya having over one thousand species is your perfect destination. The eco trained guides will help you not only tick away your wish list but also interpret the avian behaviour.

East Africa has some of the best white sand beaches in the world, A beach holiday to Zanzibar or Diani is a perfect way to end  your Kenya or Tanzania wildlife adventure Safari or your adventurous Kenya wildlife photography adventure safari   We book you in the best cottage and beach hotels.


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Kenya and Tanzania are perfect safari destinations for an Africa safari vacation, honeymoon safari, family safari, mountain climbing adventures, horse riding safaris

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Unforgettable experience

Once in a lifetime experience with the best guide we could have imagined. James really went above and beyond to make this safari unforgettable. The trip he planned and the camps he suggested were just perfect. His knowledge about animals is just incredible and compared to other guides we saw, he was so respectful with the animals, making sure to not disturb them in their natural habitat. You can really see that this is not just a job for him but really his passion which made all the difference.+ he takes amazing photos. We highly recommend!

Email Giuliana ,

Breathtaking safaris with an exceptionally knowledgable guide...just perfect!

This has been one of many safaris I have been on with this company and it was still incredible. James is one of the most knowledgable people I know when it comes to African animals. We had so many questions and he was so happy to give us every detail we wanted. He has an expert eye for finding animals, many that we would have never seen. He has great knowledge about the habits of the animals in each park and when the best times are to see them. He often maneuvered his vehicle to amazing spots to get the perfect angle or lighting for the most amazing photographs. Whether you are a professional photographer or just brought your phone along for a few shots, you will definitely be glad you had this amazing guide and photographer with you! I cannot tell you enough how pleased we were with the entire package, from our accommodation, flexibility with our safaris, and the exceptional service provided by James and this company when it came to getting the most out of our holiday experience. I will certainly return to this company again and again.

Dr Suzanne Payne,

Wild Portraits Safaris is the best of the best in all aspects!

I have been on multiple photography tours, both to Africa and other places, and let me just say that the photography tour that I just took with Wild Portraits Safaris (WPS) ranks up there with the best of the best. Everything about the trip was simply spot on perfect. From the very beginning communications, through a need for me to reschedule (my own fault, not theirs), through to the final minutes of the tour...everything was smooth, easy, well-communicated and perfectly executed. I went to Amboseli, Lake Naivashu, and the Mara. I was set up in great accommodations, with special consideration on making sure that we were able to get out into the field in the shortest amount of time. A few things that set WPS apart from other tours. First is the ability to personalize the tour to your interests. Unlike other safari tours with set schedules and specifically timed-itineraries, just let James, the owner/driver/ tour guide, know your interests and he'll continually plan and look out for opportunities and present options to you. For me, he knew I was interested in experiencing as much as possible, so he made sure that we had all day game drives while in the Mara. Second is the fact that James is an excellent photographer, himself. That means that he is constantly looking for the perfect lighting, angle, and composition to hep you get your best photos. Third, you cannot find any tour guide with as much passion for his job. This has led him to learn as much as possible about the land, the conservation efforts, the animals and how all of the factors integrate with each other. Each day wasn't just a photo tour: each day was an immersive learning experience. You definitely can't find a tour company that tries as hard as WPS to make sure that you get every ounce of opportunities in the short time that you are there. For instance, he added an impromptu visit to Nairobi National Park, because I had a lot of extra time before my outbound flight. And lastly, James is an extremely nice person. If you go on safari with WPS, you'll leave with tons of photos, memories, and a friend. I've already planned my next trip with WPS.

Amy Ridall,

Wild Portaits Safaris is your best bet for an unforgettable experience

We just came back from our second safari trip with James of Wild Portraits Safari. We had the greatest possible experience during our 9 day-trip from Amboseli (Kenya), to Tarangine, Ngorongoro, Serengeti (Tanzania) and then to the Mara in Kenya. The full trip was well organized and included so many highlights: beautiful sights, the landscapes, the wildlife, James' ability to find the quiet spots with magnificent viewing, great accommodations, breakfast in the Mara, horseback riding amongst buffalo, hyena and giraffes, and of course James' great company, his care for his guests and his drive to make the full experience perfect. We are already planning our next visit and will certainly travel with James again. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a fantastic vacation.

Arne Christian,

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

James at Wild Portraits Safaris gave us the experience of a lifetime!!! We got to see everything on our bucket list and more!! James is so smart and knowledgeable in all subjects and shares a wealth of knowledge while also being respectful of nature. His passion for wildlife photography makes for the best experience! I highly recommend this company!! It was incredible!!

Sarah Watson,

the experience of a lifetime

Had the experience of a lifetime thanks to Wild Portraits Safaris! Their passionate guide took us on a wonderful 7-day safari in Masai Mara/Navaisha/Amboseli parks (could have stay longer!). From the start, the communication was smooth and quick, they discussed with us our wishes and improved the plan using their expertise by explaining us how to optimized the traveling time and hotels to enjoy most of our time doing game drives. All our hotels were strategically proposed to get quicker in the parks for sunrise game drives (the bests!) and stay longer until sunset. They are passionated about wildlife and will provide you great insights on animals, nature, culture all along the journey with a fantastic storytelling. They look up for the best spots & sceneries while always respecting animals and their own space, and ensure you don’t rush from one animal to another (unlike most others companies) but rather spend quality time to experience animals in their own habitat (hunting, playing time, mothering). Wild Portraits Safari only selects guides with a passion for photography that would bring with them their own professional camera to capture any moments and share pictures afterwards with you, definitely a major plus!! We highly recommend this fantastic human and nature experience thanks to friendly, relaxed, reliable, insightful staff. You can really feel like you are enjoying the experience with your guide, contributing to making the safari from great to exceptional!

Salomé Macouin,

exquisite and enchanting!

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