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4 Days Samburu Special Elephant Safari

Price 0USD 3 nights 4 days
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4 Days Samburu Special Elephant Safari

0USD per person

4 Days Samburu Special Elephant Safari highlights the  Samburu Special five, elephants and the big cats. Samburu National Reserve is an enchanting  wildlife photography safari destination. The mighty  Ewaso Nyiro river cuts through both Buffalo springs on one side and Samburu National reserve and it is lined with doum palms and riverine forests creating an “oasis” feel in this semi-Arid Eco system. The 4 Days Samburu Special Elephant safari gives you ample time to explore not only the landscape but also the beautiful wild animals that call it home. We get an opportunity to see the Samburu special five which include, the gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, grevys zebra, Somali ostrich and the oryx. The three big cats of Africa, the lion, cheetah and the leopard are also found here. With over 350 bird species recorded here including the colorful golden breasted starlings, Somali bee eaters the harrier hawks amongst others will keep both a keen birdwatcher and a general wildlife watcher thrilled. 4 Days Samburu Special Elephant Safari gives you the opportunity to observe, photograph and learn more about the African savanna elephant. The Ewaso Ng’iro being a constant water source, elephants frequent it for water and mud baths. You will enjoy watching the matriarchs leading the families into the brown waters in the heat of the day. The elephant calves rolling in mud as their mothers splash muddy waters on their backs to cool the effects of the hot African sun. We get amazing photos and videos as the elephants cross the river from Samburu National reserve to Buffalo springs and vice versa. In the dry season when there is almost nonexistent water on the rivers surface, observe as the elephants step up to their key stone species role. They dig out the sand to reach the water and this ends up benefiting the rest of the animals thus affecting an entire ecosystem in return. Come lets us explore

3 nights 4 days
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Nairobi (flexiblealso depending on your lacation)
  • Departure Time
    7.00 hrs
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
    generally a hot area dress light
Day 1 Nairobi to Samburu
The safari starts in Nairobi and heads to the jewel in the North, Samburu National reserve. We drive through different sceneries on the way as well as huge farms as it gets drier as we get close to the beautiful semi-arid reserve with a life-giving river snaking its way through it. We arrive intime for lunch. Later in the afternoon we head out for our 1st game drive in search of the African elephant, leopards’ lions as well as the African sunset.
Day 2 and 3 Full days exploring mother nature
A tailored game drive to give you the maximum time and opportunity to explore Samburu national reserve, enjoy the elephants wallowing and enjoying the brown waters of the Ewaso nyiro river, Reticulated giraffes dot the landscape, the spear horned oryx, the giraffe antelope, the gerenuk, the endangered grevys zebra and the unique Somali ostrich are some of Samburu’s highlights. It is also one of the best places to see the spotted beautiful cat, the leopard, birds of prey, the somali bee eater beautiful woodpeckers’ cheetahs. The area is named after the beautiful Samburu people who reside in this area and they have co-existed with this amazing wildlife for ages. You can visit a cultural village and get to experience some of Kenya’s diverse culture.
Day 4 Samburu National Reserve to Nairobi
After Morning Gamedrives we leave for Nairobi with a stop at the Trout tree restaurant for lunch and arrive in Nairobi early evening For more info or to book this safari contact us in the form below