4 Days Africa Safari Tanzania Holiday

4 Days Africa Safari Tanzania Holiday

The 4 Days Africa  Safari Tanzania holiday explore two of the best National parks in Tanzania. The Serengeti is a world unto itself. The breadth of habitats, wildlife and the safari experience is unrivalled by any other park in Africa. It is the place the great wildebeest migration spends most of the year. The endless plains are ever filled uncertainty for the animals as survival instincts are always at play. It is one on the best places in Africa to see the big five, and it is also a great wildlife photography destination in Tanzania. The savannah provides perfect hunting grounds for the fastest land mammal, the cheetah which on a lucky day you might catch sprinting for its common and almost equally fast thompson’s gazelles.

The great wildebeest migration

Depending on the time of year you take the 4 Days Africa  Safari Tanzania holiday, We will advise on the best part of the Serengeti to visit in order to se the migration. The great wildebeest migration is one of nature’s spectacle on planet earth. More than a million wildebeest and zebras follow the rains in an epic loop through the Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara. It is always a sight to behold when you catch the big herds out in the rolling savannah.  At some points the herds have to funnel through narrow areas like river crossings or in the Serengeti’s western corridor, the herds come together and can appear like a single entity. It is an inexact science to predict where the animals will be at any given time but there are some general guidelines as you take your safari in Tanzania:-

The Wildebeest calving season in Ndutu

The herds are widely scattered over the Southern and Southern western section of the serengeti and the western side of the Ngorongoro conservation area. This is when we have the massive calving of the wildebeest calving ,hundreds of thousands of baby wildebeest staggering to their feet and following their mothers some minutes after birth.

The Rainy season in the Serengeti National Park

March-April during the rainy season the herds remain in the south. They then head North west in search of food.

May to Early July, in early May the herds cross north west towards the Western corridor. The dramatic crossing of the crocodile infested Gurumeti River usually takes place between late May and early July mostly lasting just for one week.

The wildebeest move to Northern Serengeti into the Masai Mara

Mid July August the herds are moving to Northern Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara.

It is in the Masai Mara where you witness the dramatic river crossings as the wildebeest from from one part of the reserve to the other in response to pasture and water.

September October, the herds are still in the Mara .

The wildebeest Herds move towards Tanzania

November December The herds head south in anticipation of the rains, crossing down through the eastern Serengeti and to the South in December.

Explore the mighty Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

The 4 Days Africa  Safari Tanzania holiday also explores the Ngorongoro crater. Touted as one of the world’s largest unbroken caldera, it is a site to behold from the view points. Down the 600m wall to the floor with a surface area of 264sq km Ngorongoro plays host to a diverse number of wildlife. Spot the extremely endangered black rhino, the crater lions, buffalos, zebras, probably have your picnic lunch at the Ngoitoktok springs picnic site as you enjoy watching the hippos.  Explore the Lake Magadi which attracts flamingoes to its shallows during the rainy season.

On this The 4 Days Africa  Safari Tanzania holiday  you may take a de tour and explore the Olduvai gorge. Located between the western rim of the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti, the Olduvai gorge slices its way through upto 90m of rock and two million years of history.

The Olduvai is often referred to as the cradle of mankind because it is here that Mary Leakey discovered a 1.8 million year old ape like skull from an early hominid (human like being ) known as Australopithecus boisei. This and the discovery of homo habilis and homo erectus and other 60 hominids forever changed the way we understood the dawn of human history. The Museum is filled with original and replica fossils.


Leave your Arusha hotel early in the morning after breakfast. Our professional safari guide will give you a breafing and you will embark on the journey towards the Serengeti. You will pass through the Ngorongoro conservation area , get to see the different landscapes as you guide tells you more about the culture and the way of life of the local people. You will arrive in time for lunch. Later on you will go for your evening game drive and later return to the camp/lodge for dinner and overnight.

We spend the whole day exploring the savannah in search of not only the big five but also other interesting wildlife, landscapes the birdlife. You have the flexibility of discussing with you safari guide on what works best in relation to your interests

After breakfast, you will have a game drive as you exit the park, drive to the Ngorongoro conservation area with the possibility of doing the Olduvai gorge. You will check in for dinner and overnight at a camp/ lodge near the Crater.

Ngorongoro crater to Arusha
After breakfast, descend into the magnificent crater. Explore the floor in search of lions buffalos the endangered black rhino hyenas, hippos and the flamingoes at the lake Magadi. You will have picnic as you watch hippos and later drive back to Arusha where the safari ends

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4 Days Africa Safari Tanzania Holiday