4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari

4 Days

4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari

Embark on an adventurous 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari that unveils the natural wonders of Nairobi National Park and the captivating Amboseli national park in Kenya. Departing from either Nairobi , this expedition promises an unforgettable adventure through Kenya’s diverse landscapes, providing a unique blend of urbanity and wildlife conservation.

The Nairobi National Park

Our4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari commences at Nairobi National Park, a mere 7 kilometers from Kenya’s bustling capital city. Renowned as a haven for black and white rhinos, this park is a testament to successful conservation efforts. The juxtaposition of savanna grasslands dotted with bush shrubs against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers creates a surreal setting for both wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. It is also a great connection stop between the different national parks we have in Kenya

Wildlife diversity at Nairobi National Park.

The park’s flourishing and diverse wildlife owes its existence to the vigilant management of the Kenya Wildlife Services. Round-the-clock protection has contributed to the resurgence of endangered black and white rhino populations. To make the most of the 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari, we set out early in the morning. This timing not only allows us to witness the majestic lion prides marking their territories with resonant roars but also offers glimpses of cheetahs and the elusive leopard, engaged in their morning activities. The awe inspiring Sunrise also offers enough motivation to get going early in the hope of capturing artistic silhouttes in the orange morning haze.

lions at Nairobi National Park on 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

As the day unfolds, our adventure takes us to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, nestled at the park’s edge. Arriving between 11 am and noon, we are just in time for the feeding session of the orphaned elephant calves. Sipping on specially formulated milk, these adorable creatures enchant visitors, providing insights into the organization’s noble mission of rescuing and rehabilitating elephants.

The home of Africa’s gentle giants

Having experienced the unique charms of Nairobi National Park, the 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari proceeds to Amboseli, home to Africa’s magnificent creatures, particularly the iconic savannah elephants. The imposing presence of Mount Kilimanjaro looms over the landscape, its life-giving waters percolating through hydrostatic force and nurturing the swamps below. These swamps become a vital source of sustenance, attracting not only elephants but also a diverse array of herbivores.

The elephant migration

During the 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari, you’ll witness elephants engaging in their daily ritual, moving in and out of the swamps. This spectacle is accompanied by large herds of zebras, buffaloes, wildebeests, and various antelopes. In the mornings, the elephants walk in a line as they come from their overnight grazing escapades. This is a perfect photography setup with the snow capped mount Kilimanjaro in the back ground. On reaching the swamps, the gentle giants then immerse themselves in the cool swamps alongside hippos, creating an awe-inspiring scene.

Perfect wildlife photography setup

As the day progresses, and the sun begins its descent, the elephants leave the swamps, providing another excellent photography opportunity. The golden haze of the evening sun reflects off the dust blown by the majestic creatures, creating a magical ambiance. Against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, this moment captures two of Africa’s giants in one frame, making it a perfect climax to your 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari experience.

Bring your safari dreams to life with our meticulously crafted 4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, encounter diverse wildlife, and create lasting memories against the backdrop of Kenya’s breathtaking landscapes


We meet you at the hotel or your residence and after briefing drive to the only national park next to a capital city, the Nairobi National park. Home to lions cheetahs leopards and rhinos and a big variety of birds, the Nairobi National park is

On day two we leave Nairobi early in the morning and head south to the home of Africa’s gentle giants, the African elephant. We arrive camp/lodge in time for lunch and later on head for our evening game drive.

Its day three at the royal court of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Our itinerary is flexible and we have the option of doing half day game drives and later again in the afternoon after a lunch break. Amboseli National park is the best place to see big herds of elephant. The swamps attract this magnificent creature that find themselves living in this vast semi-arid ecosystem. The dusty plains also play host to cheetahs and lions amongst the big cats. On early morning game drives, you have a higher chance of seeing the rarer mammals like the honey badger, African wildcat, African civet amongst others. Thus, we always recommend our guests leave camp or lodge at the earliest legal times with packed breakfast to catch the morning serenity. The thought of the beautiful African sunrise in the open plains and breakfast in the wild with enchanting views should be motivation enough to make you jump out of bed early. . In Amboseli conservation area we also have the dry lake Amboseli that offers quit good elephant photography opportunities as well as other herbivores that you may come across in the vast dry lake bed. Amboseli also offer unmatched photography opportunities, the golden light spiced with the dust as the animals move into and out of the swamp in the morning and in the evening, which happens to be their daily migration routine. Dou you love birds? Ohh from the polyandrous African jacana to colorful kingfishers, teals ducks thick knees tawny eagles chanting goshawks fish eagles,,, this is a birdwatchers haven Dinner and overnight at the camp or lodge

Early morning game drives after breakfast or you can carry picnic breakfast with you so as to maximize the early morning safari experience. As you bid kwa heri (bye) to mount Kilimanjaro with the elephants and giraffes in the foreground, the numerous birds in the swamps and whirl winds enjoy a picnic breakfast. Later on, drive to Nairobi / your drop off point

Safari package includes/excludes

Cost includes

  • -Guaranteed safari confirmations
  • -Transport in a 4x4 land cruiser ideal for game viewing and photography
  • -Full board accommodation whilst on safari
  • -Accommodation
  • -All park entrance fees to include government taxes
  • -Service of an English-speaking professional driver/guide
  • - Extensive game drives
  • -All game drives as detailed in the itinerary
  • -Bottled water whilst on safari
  • -Start and end in Nairobi.
  • -Personalized service

Cost excludes

  • -Tips
  • -Laundry
  • -Beverages/Drinks
  • -International flights
  • -Visas
  • -Items of a personal nature
  • -Any other extras not detailed in
  • -Hotel accommodations in Nairobi before and after the safari
  • -optional activities

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4 Days Best Amboseli and Nairobi national park safari
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