8 Days Africa wildlife safari and Diani beach

8 Days Africa wildlife safari and Diani beach

8 Days Africa wildlife safari and Diani beach explores the magnificent Amboseli, Tsavo West, Taita  Hills and Tsavo West.  Amboseli national park is a top safari destination for elephant, wildlife photography and nature lovers in general. It is the home of the African elephant and the Mount Kilimanjaro back ground adds to the allure of this piece of heaven. Amboseli in itself means the dusty Salty plains in the Maa language and it sure does live to its reputation. It is a good thing though for both the animals and tourists as well as you will get to see how the wildlife, especially the elephants and zebras use the dust to their advantage. This also makes interesting photography sessions. In the evenings the elephants and other herbivores leave the swamps and the golden evening light with the dust creates a magical natural wildlife photography studio. Amboseli has alot of contrast as right at the Centre we have the life giving swamps that are fed by the melting snow caps of the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro and through hydrostatic force the water gives life not only to the animals in the lowlands but also the local Masai community.  8 Days Africa wildlife safari and Diani beach covers also the magnificent and scenic Tsavo West National . This is a place of rich geological history. Witness the remains of volcanic eruptions that happened just afew hundred years ago which are today known as the Shetani Lava flow. This is from the Chyulu hills which add to the allure of this scenic paradise. Mzima springs are an interesting place to make a stop as you explore this wonder land.Water from the Chyulu hills  are filtered by under ground volcanic rock and emerge here. There is an underground chamber where you can watch the hippos, crocodiles and fish.  It is also a good short walk away from the vehicle and you get to experience nature differently. We also have a rhino sanctuary with the park that opens at four pm to six pm. Accommodations at Tsavo West are Severin camp, Serena Kilaguni, Finch hanttons campand the Ngulia lodge. On the 8 Days Africa wildlife safari and Diani beach we also explore Taita Wildlife sanctuary. This is world famous for salt lick lodge and the elephants. This lodge is raised on stilts and animals come to lick salt as well as drink next to this beautiful lodge. The sanctuary also plays host to cheetahs and lions which you encounter during the game drives. From the prolific Taita we head to the theatre of the wild, the Tsavo East National Park. This the biggest National park in Kenya. It is famed for the red elephants which is due to the rich iron soils of Tsavo. It is the best place to see the big tuskers in the wild. Tsavo East also prides itself with lions cheetahs and the elusive leopards. It is world famous for the mane less lions, the Man Eaters of Tsavo which inspired the movie, the ghost and the darkness. The Mundanda rock is a must stop as it gives you a three sixty panoramic view of this expansive wildlife area. Watch animals in the water hole down below as you have you breakfast or picnic lunch. The Lugard falls on the Galana river are also quit enchanting as the water gushes down the rocks as hippos and crocodiles lazily sun themselves down stream.


On day one we leave Nairobi early in the morning and head south to the home of Africa’s gentle giants, the African elephant. We arrive camp/lodge in time for lunch and later on head for our evening game drive. This is the best place to photograph and observe the behavior and enjoy watching the magnificent creatures, in fact most of what we know today has been researched in this conservation area by Dr. Cynthia Moss of Amboseli elephant trust.

Its day two at the royal court of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Our itinerary is flexible and we have the option of doing half day game drives and later again in the afternoon after a lunch break. Amboseli National park is the best place to see big herds of elephant. The swamps attract this magnificent creature that find themselves living in this vast semi-arid ecosystem. The dusty plains also play host to cheetahs and lions amongst the big cats. On early morning game drives, you have a higher chance of seeing the rarer mammals like the honey badger, African wildcat, African civet amongst others. Thus, we always recommend our guests leave camp or lodge at the earliest legal times with packed breakfast to catch the morning serenity. The thought of the beautiful African sunrise in the open plains and breakfast in the wild with enchanting views should be motivation enough to make you jump out of bed early. . In Amboseli conservation area we also have the dry lake Amboseli that offers quit good elephant photography opportunities as well as other herbivores that you may come across in the vast dry lake bed. Amboseli also offer unmatched photography opportunities, the golden light spiced with the dust as the animals move into and out of the swamp in the morning and in the evening, which happens to be their daily migration routine. Dinner and overnight at the camp or lodge

After breakfast we head out to the neighbouring Tsavo West National park. We do a game drive as we head to our lodge arriving in good time for lunch. Later in the afternoon we go out for a game drive. We explore the mzima springs. A natural reservoir under the Chyulu hills feeds the springs. Water percolates through underground porous volcanic rocks and the natural filtration process gives the mzima springs clear water. There is a small watch tower where you can observe the aquatic life from such as fish and Nile crocodiles from. Further exploration and we could run into Savannah monitor lizards’ lions’ leopards buffalo elephants common water bucks amongst other beautiful creatures and not forgetting a prolific bird life. Later return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast we head to Taita Hills as we do a game drive through the expansive Tsavo West National Park . We arrive in time for lunch. Later in the afternoon we head for a game drive at these wonderful Sanctuary Dinner and overnight at the Salt lick lodge.

We spend the full day at the Taita game sanctuary with morning and evening gamedrives The Taita Hills Wildlife Conservancy gets its name from the surrounding hills. The conservancy covers an area of 28,000 acres of diverse habitat in which the plant physiognomy is riverine forest, savanna wood and grassland. The vegetation formation is usually stratified, dense and always dominated by Acacia /Commiphora trees. The Salt lick lodge is raised and has a water whole where animals including elephants come to quench. You get fantastic views from the underground watch

After break fast we do a gamedrive as we exit and drive towards the Kenyan coast. We arrive at the camp/lodge for lunch. Later in the afternoon we head out and explore this semi-arid conservation area that is covered in beautiful iron rich red soils. The famous huge red elephants of Tsavo are to be found here as well as lions’ cheetahs and leopards. We later return to the camp/lodge for dinner and overnight after chasing the ever-magical sunset in Africa.

Our flexible safari itinerary gives you the option of doing morning and evening game drives or crafting an ideal day program with our professional safari guide. Tsavo is the biggest conservation area in Kenya and offers not only the red covered elephants but also the rare hirola antelope. Zebras dik diks and a good variety of antelopes call this magnificent Tsavo East their home. These dry plains have the Galana river snaking its way seeking out its way to the Indian ocean, its water roars over the rocks at the Lugard’s falls as the sneak between the creeks. A stop worth visiting. The 1.6 km inselberg of stratified rock acts as a water catchment that supplies a natural dam below is locally called the Mudanda rock. A refuge for animals during the dry season. After a day of exploration, we return to the camp/ lodge for dinner and overnight.

After Breakfast we have a game drive as we head to the Train Station where you board you Mombasa bound train for your beach holiday extension

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8 Days Africa wildlife safari and Diani beach