Exciting Things to do Diani Beach

Exciting Things to do Diani Beach

Exciting Things to do Diani Beach

Originally the ancestral land of the Digo people, the second-largest of the nine sub-tribes of the Mijikenda, Diani beach has evolved into a mellow town turned major resort enclave. Its pristine white-sand beaches and warm crystalline waters make it the South Coast’s top tourist destination and a popular way to end a Kenya wildlife safari adventure. Riding a classic tuk-tuk down the town’s main road, you’ll whizz past bright-orange Nandi flame trees, local artisans, trendy restaurants, and the gates of luxurious hotels in diani beach. Diani’s atmosphere is defined almost exclusively by its tourism infrastructure. Experiencing Diani in its fullness requires a lens that looks beyond the mirage of paradise and understanding the layered history that sculpts this getaway hub.

Getting to Diani Beach

Diani continues to captivate visitors with its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and lots of Exciting Things to do Diani Beach. To get to Diani, you can fly into Moi International Airport in Mombasa, located approximately 35 kilometers away. From there, taxis, shuttles, or private transfers are available for the scenic journey to Diani. Alternatively, travel by road from Nairobi or other major cities, enjoying the picturesque landscapes along the way. You can also be dropped off by your safari guide at the end of a fascinating Kenya Adventure safari holiday or your Kenya wildlife photography safari.

Spiritual Kaya Kinondo:

On the list of Exciting Things to do Diani Beach, is the Kaya Kinondo forest. It is a sacred forest for the Digo people who call this land home, the kaya ,which means ‘homestead’ in the Digo language, is the epicenter of their spiritual life. There are approximately 30 kayas (sacred forests) remaining along the coast, with 10 of them under the joint stewardship of the local community and the National Museums of Kenya as cultural heritage sites. Kaya Kinondo, the largest kaya in Diani, is not your average forest trail: it is a living shrine governed by a key set of rules that function to preserve the site’s sanctity. Nothing is to be taken from the forest, and nothing foreign is to be left behind. To enter the kaya, you must wear modest clothing and a traditional black fabric, called a kaniki, around your waist to show respect to the spirits that dwell here. No intimate contact (such as kissing or hugging) is permitted between humans in the forest; however, warm embraces with the century-old trees are encouraged. Tours are easy to arrange through any of the diani beach accommodation, or upon arrival at the forest. This should be a bucket list for your Exciting Things to do Diani Beach.

The Kongo River Ride:


Around 300 years ago, Sheikh Mwenye Kombo uncovered the ruins of Kongo Mosque, an ancient edifice reported to have been built in the 14th century by Arab merchants. It’s situated on Kongo Beach, an estuary where the Indian Ocean meets the Kongo River and flows onwards to the Shimba Hills. A trip here is best paired with a sunset boat ride down the river, offering an entrancing ambience creating a memory of a life time and making it one of the Exciting Things to do Diani Beach.

Diving, Snorkeling & Sandbanks:

Exploring Diani’s prolific Marine life, is definitely one of the Exciting Things to do Diani Beach

Diani Beach, often hailed as among the best beaches in Africa, offers pristine diving excursions and glass-bottom boat rides, allowing visitors to marvel at colourful marine life. Trips to dive sites are organised ranging from 15 minutes to an hour off the shore.

Extreme Sporting on the Beach:

Kitesurfing, skydiving and wing foiling,

Thrill-seekers can indulge in skydiving over Diani’s mystical landscape or enjoy kitesurfing and wing foiling, with lessons available from companies like H20 Extreme and Diani Kite Club. From December to March and June to September, the beach fills up with enthusiasts seeking Exciting Things to do Diani Beach in its turquoise waters.

Swim with the Whale sharks at Diani Beach

During January, February, and March, Whale Shark safaris in Diani offer an extraordinary opportunity to encounter these majestic creatures up close. The tours typically begin at the dive base located at Baobab Beach Resort & Spa or Alliance Safari Beach Hotel. Once aboard the boats, the captains will navigate along the Diani coast in search of whale sharks. When spotted, you’ll have the chance to snorkel near these magnificent creatures.

One of the Exciting Things to do Diani Beach is Swimming alongside these gentle giants which evokes a mix of exhilaration and serenity. Despite their massive size, which can reach several meters in length, there’s no need to worry; whale sharks primarily feed on plankton, copepods, krill, and fish eggs, making them harmless to humans.

Encountering whale sharks in their natural habitat offers a unique opportunity to appreciate their beauty and grace. As they glide effortlessly through the water, you’ll feel a sense of awe and wonder at being in the presence of the world’s largest fish.

Experience Diani’s allure firsthand, where every moment offers a new adventure or insight into its rich history and vibrant culture.

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