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Best 6 Places to see the African Elephant The African elephant is one of the most magnificent creatures in nature. A biological mystical animal and the largest land mammal. The African Elephant is slightly bigger than the Asian elephant, has bigger ears and both male and females have tusks. There are two species of the African Elephant, the savanna elephant which are larger and roam the sub-Saharan Africa, the smaller forest elephant dwells in the forests of West and central Africa. The

The big five Africa safari is all about some incredible five mammal species. The name big five was coined by trophy hunters who were on hunting expeditions back in the day. This were the most dangerous and difficult Animals to hunt. Today they are hunted using the lens by tourist on Africa safari adventures. Kenya is one of the best safari destinations in Africa to see the big five What are the big five animals? 1 The Lion Majestic and commonly referred to

Destination Kenya Tanzania adventure safaris gives you the best affordable safari deals. Wildlife safaris to Kenya and Tanzania combined with a beach holidays offer the best holiday experiences. The two countries are world renown as the best safari destinations anywhere in the world. Game viewing in customized safari vehicles accompaniedĀ  by highly trained safari guides is what we offer on your tailor-made safari. Both of these countries offer a wide array of different wildlife species as well as enchanting landscapes