Kenya wildlife Adventure Photography Safari

leopard at mara on Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari

Embark on a Grand Safari: Capturing the Essence of Kenya’s Wildlife and Beauty

Kenya wildlife Adventure Photography Safari

Unleash the adventurer and photographer in you with our Kenya Wildlife Adventure Photography Safari, a comprehensive exploration of the finest wildlife photography destinations in Kenya. Kenya, a year-round photo safari gem, boasts extraordinary highlights such as the mesmerizing great wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, the majestic elephant herds of Amboseli National Park set against the Mount Kilimanjaro backdrop, and the abundant birdlife flourishing in the picturesque swamps. Don’t overlook the enchanting Samburu National Reserve, a must-visit on your Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari.

Choosing Kenya as your Africa photo safari destination offers unparalleled advantages, including the remarkable diversity it presents, manageable driving distances between parks, and the convenience of domestic flights connecting various conservation areas across the country.

When making Kenya your Africa wildlife photography destination, consider key factors:

  • The specific animals and birds you wish to capture with your lens
  • The duration of your Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari
  • Your budget for the wildlife photography expedition
  • The preferred time of year for your travel

Best Time for a Kenya Wildlife Adventure Photography Safari

The Great Wildebeest Migration Season

If your passion lies with big cats and the wildebeest migration, plan your Kenya photo safari between July and October—the peak season on the Kenya safari calendar. The annual wildebeest migration typically unfolds in the Masai Mara from late June to early July, marking an awe-inspiring spectacle. Over a million wildebeests, accompanied by zebras, transform the plains after the long rainy season. Witness the heightened activity of lion prides, triggered by abundant prey and breeding opportunities. Early mornings, with the golden light casting a warm glow, provide a perfect setting for silhouettes and backlit shots. The season also features the breathtaking river crossings as wildebeests navigate the crocodile-infested Mara River. Our professional safari guides prioritize avoiding crowded sightings, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience during your Kenya Wildlife Adventure Photography Safari.

January to March Season at the Masai Mara:

Considered the prime time for a Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari, this period offers tranquility compared to the migration season. Experience more space and better angles for your photography. Witness entertaining scenes of lion prides with cubs, creating memorable and endearing moments. Take advantage of lower camp and lodge rates, coupled with personalized and superior service due to fewer visitors.

April to Mid-June: This phase marks the rainy season, considered the low season for Kenya safaris, providing a unique and less crowded experience.

Elephant and Big Cats Photography at Amboseli National Park: Famous for its sizable elephant herds and the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro backdrop, Amboseli National Park is a semi-arid ecosystem relying on underground water sources that emerge in the swamps. Explore the dry, open spaces during the morning or evening golden hour, creating a natural studio for wildlife photography. The swamps offer opportunities to capture water birds, with salt-rich pools attracting beautiful flamingoes. For enthusiasts of elephant photography, combining Amboseli with Tsavo East is ideal, especially for observing and photographing the magnificent “big tuskers” covered in red soil. Amboseli National Park welcomes visitors throughout the year, excluding the rainy season in April and May.

lion family, Kenya wildlife adventur photography safari

Wildlife Photography at Samburu National Reserve: Situated north of Kenya, Samburu National Reserve is a captivating wildlife photography safari destination. A dry ecosystem with a meandering river, it provides a picturesque contrast between the dry, hilly terrain and the lush riverine setting, creating a perfect backdrop for habitat shots. Explore the unique Samburu special five, including the Gerenuk, Oryx, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, and the endangered Grevy’s zebra. Capture elephants crossing the Ewaso Ng’iro River or digging the dry riverbed during the extreme dry season. Samburu is also a haven for bird photography, featuring colorful barbets, shiny sunbirds, rollers, bee-eaters, and various birds of prey.

Kenya Wildlife Adventure Safari Photography at Ol Pejeta and Solio: For rhino enthusiasts, Ol Pejeta and Solio offer exceptional opportunities for rhino photography. Solio Rhino Sanctuary boasts the highest rhino population in East Africa, allowing you to capture rhinos from various angles. Ol Pejeta provides a more diverse wildlife experience, and visitors can engage in hide photography at a waterhole.

Hide Photography at Lentorre: Experience eye-level encounters at the Lentorre hide during the Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari. The dry months of September and October, February, and March offer the best wildlife images, including rare animals such as the striped hyena and the caracal. The hide also features a bird hide during the day, providing opportunities for amazing bird shots.

Birds and Hippo Photography at the Rift Valley Lakes: Explore Lake Naivasha, a premier destination for bird and hippo photography from a motorboat. Capture Kingfishers, love birds, fish eagles fishing, and yawning hippos, creating key highlights at this picturesque destination. Lake Nakuru National Park offers a blend of birdlife and the chance to spot tree-climbing lions, leopards, and rhinos. Further north, Lake Bogoria treats you to a pink shoreline of lesser flamingos, accompanied by owl encounters at Lake Baringo, guided by our expert Kenya Wildlife Adventure Photography Safari guides.

In conclusion, join us for an unparalleled Kenya wildlife adventure photography safari, where each moment becomes an opportunity to capture the raw beauty of Africa’s diverse and mesmerizing wildlife. Immerse yourself in an expedition that transcends the ordinary, revealing the extraordinary wonders of Kenya’s wildlife and landscapes.

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