10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024

10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024

10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024

We have selected 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024 that are a must do when you visit this fantastic island. Zanzibar, an archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean, lies approximately 23 miles (35km) off the East Coast of mainland Tanzania. Comprising two main islands, Pemba and Unguja, the latter being commonly referred to as Zanzibar, this historic and UNESCO World Heritage site is an ideal holiday destination. Whether as a complement to an East African wildlife safari or simply for a beach retreat, Zanzibar offers a captivating experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of powdery white beaches, explore shallow sand bars perfect for wading, witness rugged cliffs contrasting against swaying palm trees, and indulge in the turquoise blue waters. Zanzibar, once a bustling trade center of the Omani empire, continues to showcase its vibrant marine life at the Mnarani natural aquarium. Relax on the beach or embark on a journey of exploration. Discover the many things to do in Zanzibar.

1) Mnemba Atoll, the snorkelling experience

On the 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024 you cant miss Mnemba Island, a secluded private oasis renowned for its snorkelling and diving opportunities, offers a serene and unparalleled experience. As a protected area, fishing is strictly prohibited, ensuring an undisturbed and tranquil atmosphere. With its crystalline waters and abundant marine life, this destination stands among the top snorkelling and diving spots along the East African coast. A noteworthy highlight is the opportunity to witness the remarkable turtle nesting season in February and March. Moreover, the island boasts an array of captivating sea creatures, including Starfishes, Moorish Idols, Lionfish, Snappers, Green Turtles, and occasional dolphin sightings, particularly during the early morning hours. Notably, the presence of migrating whale sharks and humpback whales can be detected by occasional majestic spouts of water.

Snorkelling at Zanzibar 
 about 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024
A boy with a star fish under water in Zanzibar

2) Stone town Tour

You cant miss Stone Town on 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024. The town serves as the historic hub of Zanzibar City, the capital of the Zanzibar archipelago. With its long-standing role as a prominent trading post along the routes of the spice, silk, and slave trades, Stone Town has evolved into a remarkable melting pot, fusing together African, Indian, Arabian, and European cultures. In Africa, it stands as one of the few remaining ancient towns. Its aesthetic allure and significant historical significance have merited its inclusion on the UNESCO world heritage list. Beyond its visually pleasing aspects, characterized by colonial structures and intricately carved Zanzibari doorways, the city tantalizes the senses with the mingling scents of the sea and spices, accompanied by the echoes of prayer calls emanating from the minarets. Zanzibar Town is filled with intriguing architecture reflecting its rich Arabic, Indian and African heritage. While strolling around, you’ll get a feel for the town’s many layers of history.

3) Prison Island

Learn some history as well on 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024. Established in 1860 the prison was established to detain rebellious slaves and was owned by Arabs and British. It was also a place for quarantine for lepers, Tb cases and yellow fever. Around 1919 tortoises were introduced to the Island. 4 Aldabla tortoises were brought as gifts from the Aldabla Island by a British governor of Seychelles. Over time the number grew and it is one of the highlights of the prison Island visit. Today the tortoises are considered an endangered species. A visit to this Island you get to see tortoises, feed and pet them. Some are over 100 years old and are believed to be part of the longest lived in the world.

Learn more about the history of the island on a guided tour, which you can also combine with a swim in the clear ocean waters, basking on the beach or going for a snorkelling expedition.

The best times to visit this amazing island are the months of December to February and June to October, during the sunny season.

4) Hiking Jozani Chakwa bay national park

Explore the only National park in Zanzibar. A gem you cant afford to miss located 37km from stone town and covers approximately 50 sq km. It used to be a hunting ground for the Sultans of Zanzibar.

The park contains a rich diversity of ecosystems, including an untouched mangrove forest, a coral rag forest, and a saline grassland. Visitors can explore the park’s trails and boardwalks on foot to immerse themselves in the varied plant life. The park boasts over 100 tree species, such as mangroves, raffia palms, and baobabs. The mangrove forests serve as important breeding grounds for fish and crabs, showcasing the intricate network of roots and water channels that comprise this ecosystem. Expert guides provide valuable insights into the park’s history, species, and conservation efforts. The highlight of the walking tour is the opportunity to spot the renowned Zanzibar red colobus monkeys, known for their vibrant red fur, elongated tails, distinctive white shoulder tufts, and harmonious vocalizations that fill the surrounding environment. Enjoy the Jozani Walk experience amongst 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024.

5) Kuza Cave experience

Kuza Cave is located at coastal village of Jambiani, in the island’s southeast, is an amazing and inviting wonder of the natural world. It features an enchanting cavern with stunning stalactites and stalagmites. It provides a brilliant view of the island’s geological history.

Legend has it that the cave was once used as a hiding place for runaway slaves, and as a secret meeting place for the island’s early leaders during times of war. Its rich history, combined with its natural beauty, make it a must do on your visit to Zanzibar.

One can descend into the depths of the cave, discovering its hidden corners and seeing other awe inspiring formations formed over 100,000 years ago as the result of a natural erosion processes. Made up of coralline and limestone, which is a type of a rock that is formed from the accumulation of the skeletons of marine organisms such as corals, molluscs and algae. Over the years, rainwater has slowly dissolved and eroded the limestone, creating an intricate network of caves and tunnels. The Kuza cave also has a natural freshwater pool perfect for swimming after a hot day of exploration.

If you love adrenaline rush then this is the destination for you! Cliff jumping which is a thrilling activity that is not for the faint hearted.

6) Seaweed farm tour

Get an Authentic Cultural experience, discover the traditional way of life of local women who work the farms. Learn more about the hand planting and harvesting and get an opportunity to do it yourself, and also visit the nearby seaweed processing plant.

7) Kite Surfing in Paje

Paje has always been highly regarded among kitesurfing enthusiasts due to its numerous advantages. The consistent winds, immaculate beaches, and inviting warm waters contribute to its appeal. Opting to learn kitesurfing in Paje is an obvious choice for those seeking adventure. The unparalleled experience of gliding through the water propelled by the wind evokes an indescribable sensation. Additionally, the vibrant colors of the kite against the backdrop of the azure sky and ocean evoke a profound sense of vitality. Paje offers a wide array of kitesurfing schools and rental options, making it an unparalleled destination for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Accompanied by skilled instructors, you are guaranteed to maximize your time on the water. Kitesurfing is more than just a sport; it is a way of life, and Paje provides the perfect environment to fully immerse yourself in it.

8) Zanzibar dhow Safaris

Glide silently in a traditional wooden boat across the several islands as you get mesmerised by their beauty. Enjoy lunch out in the dhow and catch the sunset as well in the ocean. The dhows are well-maintained, equipped with outboard and in board engines just incase the winds fail and lifejackets. Dont miss this on 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024

9) Swim with Dolphins at Kizimkazi

Kizimkazi, a picturesque fishing village, is renowned for its 12th-century mosque, pristine waters, and its resident group of bottlenose dolphins. Commencing at daybreak, dolphin tours commence with visitors embarking on traditional wooden boats and venturing into the bay. As the sun ascends over the Indian Ocean, skilled boatmen navigate the tranquil waters, diligently scanning the horizon for any signs of these remarkable creatures. Once spotted, witness the extraordinary display of intelligence and playfulness as the dolphins leap and dive in proximity to the boat. Under the careful guidance of experienced and certified guides, participants may even have the opportunity to enter the water. Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember that dolphins are undomesticated animals, and prioritizing their well-being is of utmost importance. You cant afford to miss this on 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024

10) Kiwengwa-Pongwe Forest Reserve

Located 20km from Stone Town on Zanzibar’s east coast, the Kiwengwa-Pongwe Forest Reserve offers captivating hikes with the added reward of refreshing swims. This nature lover’s paradise boasts lush forests, picturesque hills, and breathtaking views. Immerse yourself in the fragrant aroma of flowers and the melodious chirping of birds as you embark on an unforgettable adventure. The reserve is home to a diverse range of plant and animal life, including magnificent baobab and palm trees, as well as vibrant bird species like the African pied wagtail and common bulbul. Keep a lookout for playful red colobus monkeys frolicking in the trees. One of the reserve’s highlights is the Kiwengwa Caves, which were once used to house leopards owned by the wealthy. These tranquil and mystical caves now offer a serene spot to take a rejuvenating plunge in the cool freshwater. It’s the perfect place to pause and relax during your hike. Don’t miss out on this enchanting experience amidst the 10 Fantastic things to do in Zanzibar 2024.

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