Wild Portraits Safaris is the best of the best in all aspects

Amy Ridall

I have been on multiple photography tours, both to Africa and other places, and let me just say that the photography tour that I just took with Wild Portraits Safaris (WPS) ranks up there with the best of the best. Everything about the trip was simply spot on perfect. From the very beginning communications, through a need for me to reschedule (my own fault, not theirs), through to the final minutes of the tour…everything was smooth, easy, well-communicated and perfectly executed. I went to Amboseli, Lake Naivashu, and the Mara. I was set up in great accommodations, with special consideration on making sure that we were able to get out into the field in the shortest amount of time. A few things that set WPS apart from other tours. First is the ability to personalize the tour to your interests. Unlike other safari tours with set schedules and specifically timed-itineraries, just let James, the owner/driver/ tour guide, know your interests and he’ll continually plan and look out for opportunitiesĀ and present options to you. For me, he knew I was interested in experiencing as much as possible, so he made sure that we had all day game drives while in the Mara. Second is the fact that James is an excellent photographer, himself. That means that he is constantly looking for the perfect lighting, angle, and composition to hep you get your best photos. Third, you cannot find any tour guide with as much passion for his job. This has led him to learn as much as possible about the land, the conservation efforts, the animals and how all of the factors integrate with each other. Each day wasn’t just a photo tour: each day was an immersive learning experience. You definitely can’t find a tour company that tries as hard as WPS to make sure that you get every ounce of opportunities in the short time that you are there. For instance, he added an impromptu visit to Nairobi National Park, because I had a lot of extra time before my outbound flight. And lastly, James is an extremely nice person. If you go on safari with WPS, you’ll leave with tons of photos, memories, and a friend. I’ve already planned my next trip with WPS.

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