3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari

3 Days

3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari

3 Days Fantasctic Amboseli Adventure Safari from Nairobi explores the world of elephant and wildlife photography at  Amboseli, with the Mount Kilimanjaro back drop. Amboseli National Park is the best safari destination to photograph the African elephant, in the golden dusty hour with stunning sunsets and sunrises.

The Amboseli ecosystem

The Amboseli ecosystem is dry but right at the heart of the park are swamps as you will discover on 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari. The swamps are fed by water from Africa’s highest mountain, the Mount Kilimanjaro which towers over the park. Rain water and melting snow percolates through the porous volcanic rock, and through hydro-static force the water emerges in the swamps. This gives the animals a life line and attracts huge herds of elephants, zebras wildebeest and other antelopes to the 392 square kilometer conservation area. This being a dry and hot place the elephants spend the day feeding on the soft grass in the swamp alongside the hippos. This also keeps them cool and they are guaranteed of water.

Perfect for wildlife photography

In the evening as it starts to cool off, the gentle giants leave the swamps and venture out, they wonder off beyond the park borders for a change of diet as well. On the 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari you will be able to experience this and much more. In the morning, the different families walk in a file s they head to the swamps for the life giving water, food and a wallow in the mud. It is when they are making this movements that they provide you with fantastic photo opportunities. Being in the mornings and evenings the golden light, and the dust the blow as they walk makes for a perfect photo composition. Sometimes you get the crossing the dry lake Amboseli and the millage plays out perfectly and on a lucky day the clouds and hills in the background make a perfect set for monochrome photography. Giraffes too as they head for the water through the dry lake bed also provide good photography opportunities. 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari also gives you the opportunity to get shots of other herbivores as well. The dust is good for the zebra and as they roll you get some decent shots of this striped beauties.

watching elephants at Amboseli on 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari

Natures Canvas paints the the sky in hues of warmth and beauty

The Sunrises are also amazing and our expert safari guides on 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari are at hand to get you to the best spots and position as you click away. With over 400 hundred bird species recorded there are birds at Amboseli National park that you can’t simply overlook whether a birder or not. The beautiful polyandrous African jacana that leaves the male incubating and fending for the chicks, the monogamous grey crown cranes, the beautiful kingfishers all keep you entertained and clicking. On early mornings too Amboseli is one of the best places to see rare species or rather nocturnal animal like the honey badger, the civet and the rare African wild cat. We prefer not missing the early mornings on the 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari

Africa’s big cats

The big cats are also not left out, the lion prides best spotted early mornings and in the evenings. Amboseli National Park boasts of having several prides and it is interesting to learn also about the interactions between the local community, the maa and the wildlife that they live next door to. cheetahs too are found here and the wildlife conservancies around around the main park offer a good dispersal are for gene diversification for these cats to continue thriving. Amboseli National park is an amazing place whether a photographer or not, it is a must visit on your safari to Kenya and a 3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari is a perfect affordable safari package.


On day one we leave Nairobi early in the morning and head south to the home of Africa’s gentle giants, the African elephant. We arrive camp/lodge in time for lunch and later on head for our evening game drive. Driving distance is approximately 4-5 hrs

Its day two at the royal court of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Our itinerary is flexible and we have the option of doing half day game drives and later again in the afternoon after a lunch break. Amboseli National park is the best place to see big herds of elephant. The swamps attract this magnificent creature that find themselves living in this vast semi-arid ecosystem. The dusty plains also play host to cheetahs and lions amongst the big cats. On early morning game drives, you have a higher chance of seeing the rarer mammals like the honey badger, African wildcat, African civet amongst others. Thus, we always recommend our guests leave camp or lodge at the earliest legal times with packed breakfast to catch the morning serenity. The thought of the beautiful African sunrise in the open plains and breakfast in the wild with enchanting views should be motivation enough to make you jump out of bed early. . In Amboseli conservation area we also have the dry lake Amboseli that offers quit good elephant photography opportunities as well as other herbivores that you may come across in the vast dry lake bed. Amboseli also offer unmatched photography opportunities, the golden light spiced with the dust as the animals move into and out of the swamp in the morning and in the evening, which happens to be their daily migration routine. Dinner and overnight at the camp or lodge

Early morning game drives after breakfast or you can carry picnic breakfast with you so as to maximize the early morning safari experience. Later on, drive to Nairobi / your drop off point

safari package includes

cost includes

  • -Guaranteed safari confirmations
  • -Transport in a 4x4 land cruiser ideal for game viewing and photography
  • -Full board accommodation whilst on safari
  • -Service of an English-speaking professional driver/guide
  • - Extensive game drives
  • -All game drives as detailed in the itinerary
  • -Bottled water whilst on safari
  • -Start and end in Nairobi.
  • -Personalized service

cost excludes

  • -Tips
  • -Laundry
  • -Beverages/Drinks
  • -International flights
  • -Visas
  • -Items of a personal nature
  • -Any other extras not detailed in
  • -Hotel accommodations in Nairobi before and after the safari
  • -optional activities
  • -Flights

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3 Days Fantastic Amboseli Adventure Safari
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