4 Days Kenya Safari Meru park

4 Days Kenya Safari Meru park

4 Days Kenya Safari Meru park explores a land of enormous diversity.  The rhino sanctuary, lion prides, endangered grevys zebra are some Meru National park highlights. Meru is in the rain shadow of Mount Kenya. It has rivers 13 rivers snaking through and draining into Kenya’s longest river, The Tana. The Nyambene hills act as the water catchment area thus giving rise to this river.  There is a  highland forest to semi-arid plains dotted with baobabs and commiphora trees, Meru National Park is a paradise in itself. Towering termite mounds standout in the lower semi-arid area of the park.  The park is adjacent to Kora, Bisanandi, North Kitui  and Rahole reserves making it a true unspoiled wilderness. The peaks of Kenya’s highest mountain can be seen from this park as well.  The 4 Days Kenya Safari Meru park brings you to the land of “Born free”. In the 1960’s George and Joy Adamson reintroduced Elsa the lioness into the wilderness of Meru National Park. There is an 84 kilometers square rhino sanctuary  for both the white and black rhino.  We have big herds of the gentle giant of Africa, the elephant, buffalo, gerenuk, lesser Kudu, lions’ leopards amongst other wildlife. You can go on a guided walk up the Mughwango hill and get stunning vies of the adjacent plains. This safari package explores this complete wilderness with over 400 bird species Highlights include the pels fishing owl, African fin foot, king fishers, honey guides, golden breasted starlings amongst others.


Leave Nairobi Early in the morning and head to Meru National park. Explore Meru National Park after lunch. This is a complete unspoiled jungle. Dinner and overnight at the camp lodge

We spend the next two days at Meru National Park with tailored game drive schedules to suit your needs. Meru National park is an unspoiled wilderness in Northern Kenya. With 13 rivers coursing through the rugged landscape with over 411 bird’s species singing melodious tunes. Enjoy as the elephant’s mud bath grevys zebra roll in the dust and the leopard hanging lazily from a tree. There are rhinos here too and a variety of Northern species like the reticulated giraffe and the Somali ostrich. It was one of the two areas in which conservationists George and Joy Adamson raised the famous lioness called Elsa which was made famous in the book and award-winning movie Born free. The Lioness Elsa is buried in Meru National park and part of Joy's ashes were scattered on her gravesite.

Tailored game drives to your taste

After Breakfast we have a game drive as we leave this amazing national park. We reach Nairobi by evening

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4 Days Kenya Safari Meru park