7 days Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary

7 days Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary

7 days Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary tours the Solio Rhino sanctuary, Aberdare National Park Kenya, Meru national park and Samburu National reserve Kenya Safari. The main safari highlights are the endangered rhinos, the Samburu special five, the big cats of Africa and the savanna elephant amongst a wide range of other wildlife like the zebras and gazelles. Solio  is a private wildlife sanctuary and is less frequently visited thus giving you a real authentic safari feel as you experience mother nature.

Meru National Park

Nestled approximately 70 kilometers to the East of Meru town, the enchanting Meru National Park unfolds its wonders, boasting the illustrious Big Five alongside captivating sightings of crocodiles and hippos gracing the Rojewero River at the park’s heart. Surprisingly, Meru remains a hidden gem with fewer visitors than its bustling counterparts, offering a rare chance for an intimate and authentic wildlife escapade off the well-trodden path.

Scenic Meru National Park

Embark on a journey through the northern reaches of the park, where Mulika Plains host regal lion prides and an array of other carnivores, adding a touch of wild mystique to your adventure. The 7-day Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary beckons, promising a scenic drive through diverse landscapes, including the meandering Tana River, Kenya’s longest, tracing the park’s southernmost boundary. Delight in this visual feast as you explore the lesser-known corners of Meru National Park.

Devote some time to venture southward and discover the poignant Elsa’s Grave, a memorial honoring the legendary lioness of the Adamsons. Extend your exploration to Kora National Park, Meru’s sister sanctuary, a delightful inclusion covered by Meru’s admission fee.

The Meru National Park rhino sanctuary

The Meru Rhino Sanctuary unfolds across 84 square kilometers, harboring a substantial population of black and white rhinos. Safeguarded by a discreet perimeter electric fence, this sanctuary not only thwarts poachers but also functions as a subtle corridor, welcoming other wildlife, including majestic elephants, into its protective embrace. In this sanctuary, nature’s harmony thrives, offering a sanctuary where wildlife coexists in an undisturbed symphony.

Solio and Aberdare National Park

It is set close to the equator and temperatures are quite comfortable. At Solio you get to see both the Aberdares Ranges and Mount Kenya and if you are a fun of wildlife photography, nothing beats a classic photo of a rhino with the white capped peaks of Kenya’s highest Mountain. 7 days Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary explores Aberdares National Park which  boasts stunning landscapes, mountain topography, waterfalls, and opportunities for trout fishing. It is here we get Karuru falls which is Kenya’s highest waterfall, the stunning Chania falls and the magura falls which also have the queens caves. Aberdares National park features in Kenya’s freedom struggle history as this is where the freedom fighters, the Mau Mau operated from. Led by field Marshal Dedan Kimathi, they had mastered the terrain like the backs of their hands giving them an advantage over the British troops. It is also at the Aberdares where in Queen Elizabeth visited as a princess and while staying at the tree tops hotel she became a queen on the passing of her father. 

Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve, with its semi-arid environment and Ewaso Nyiro River, is home to the unique Samburu Special Five and is one of the best places to see leopards and enjoy lion sightings If you also love the elephants this is definitely a destination that will give you soul satisfaction as you connect with one of Africa’s most magnificent creatures, the elephant. Water attracts big herds of the elephants and you catch up with them at the Ewaso Ng’iro river as they drink and cool themselves against the hot midday sun. 7 days Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary is sure you leave memories and experiences that will last for a lifetime





Leave Nairobi in the morning and head to Solio ranch nestled between the Aberdare ranges and the snowcapped mount Kenya. In Solio ranch the rhino conservation is a success story and both the black and white rhinos wander around in plenty. Other animals such as lions, leopards’ zebras and other herbivores abound. After the full afternoon game drive, you will check into the lodge for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast we leave Solio, Nyeri area and get into the Aberdare ranges locally known as Nyandarua ranges meaning the dry hide of a cow. We drive through the different levels of mountain vegetation as we come across animals like the giant forest hog, elephants, hyenas, cape buffalos’ duikers’ bushbucks and if lucky melanistic serval cat if not the rare melanistic leopard. We make stops for the enchanting landscapes as we ascend the ranges. Magnificent water falls like the Chania falls and Kenya’s biggest water fall, the karuru falls are to be found here and we get to explore them. The queen’s caves is not to be by passed as its not only breathtaking but it’s a story unto itself as it played as a hiding spot for Kenya’s freedom fighters the Mau Mau. It was also used by queen Elizabeth for picnic and the Magura falls makes it even a more magnificent spot. We later exit the park and return to the lodge for overnight

Leave Nyeri Early in the morning and head to Meru National park. Explore Meru National Park after lunch. This is a complete unspoilt jungle. Dinner and overnight at the camp/ lodge

We spend the whole day at Meru National Park with tailored game drive schedules to suit your needs. Meru National park is an unspoiled wilderness in Northern Kenya. With 13 rivers coursing through the rugged landscape with over 411 bird’s species singing melodious tunes. Enjoy as the elephant’s mud bath grevys zebra roll in the dust and the leopard hanging lazily from a tree. There are rhinos here too and a variety of Northern species like the reticulated giraffe and the Somali ostrich. It was one of the two areas in which conservationists George and Joy Adamson raised the famous lioness called Elsa which was made famous in the book and award-winning movie Born free. The Lioness Elsa is buried in Meru National park and part of Joy's ashes were scattered on her grave site.

After breakfast we do a game drive enroute and head to Samburu National reserve. We drive through different sceneries on the way as well as huge farms as it gets drier as we get close to the beautiful semi-arid reserve with a life-giving river snaking its way through it. We arrive in time for lunch. Later in the afternoon we head out for our 1st game drive in search of the African elephant, leopards’ lions as well as the African sunset.

A tailored game drive to give you the maximum time and opportunity to explore Samburu national reserve, enjoy the elephants wallowing and enjoying the brown waters of the ewaso nyiro river, Reticulated giraffes dot the landscape, the spear horned oryx, the giraffe antelope, the gerenuk, the endangered grevys zebra and the unique Somali ostrich are some of Samburu’s highlights. It is also one of the best places to see the spotted beautiful cat, the leopard, birds of prey, the Somali bee eater beautiful woodpeckers’ cheetahs. The area is named after the beautiful Samburu people who reside in this area and they have co-existed with this amazing wildlife for ages. You can visit a cultural village and get to experience some of Kenya’s diverse culture

We leave Samburu conservation area after a morning game drive and head to Nairobi, We have lunch enroute and arrive in the city by evening

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7 days Exquisite Kenya Safari Itinerary