Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya

Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya

Embarking on an Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya through the Samburu National Reserve or the Buffalo Springs. This amazing safari destination in Northern Kenya opens the door to a truly unique and unparalleled wildlife experience. This sets these northern reserves in Kenya apart from the rest. Dedicating an Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya to exploring this region proves to be a deeply gratifying pursuit, unveiling the diverse and exceptional offerings that Samburu national reserve holds. Among the remarkable array of fauna, the spotlight shines on the

Samburu special five

Samburu special five: the reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich, and the endangered Grevy’s zebra.

The reason they are referred to as the special five is because they are native to this region and you dont get them in the reserves and parks in the southern side of Kenya. They are very well adapted for the semi arid eco system. On the exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu Kenya you will have a splendid time watching and learning more about this magnificent creatures. Your professional safari guide from wild portraits safaris will be at hand to explain the advantages these animals have and how their adaptations to the heat make them unique.

An array of Accomodations

The Samburu National Reserve, distinguished by the most extensive array of accommodation options, emerges as a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts. World famous as one of Kenya’s paramount locations for elephant sightings, this reserve is a sanctuary for various other captivating species. The dominating feature, the Ewaso Ngiro River, becomes a focal point, providing an idyllic setting to establish camps and observe animals congregating for a drink in the otherwise arid terrain making it the more importrant to book the Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya.

The culture and enchanting landscapes

Samburu Reserve is a mesmerizing wilderness that not only boasts breathtaking landscapes but also holds cultural significance with the presence of the Samburu tribe. The Samburu people, often likened to butterflies for their remarkable beauty, add a unique charm to the this area and on Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya you will not miss to see these tall and handsome people who have maintained most of their traditional lifestyle inspite of rising modernity around them.

The Samburu tribe is an indigenous community that has inhabited the region for centuries. Their distinct cultural practices and vibrant attire make them stand out in the arid landscape. The comparison to butterflies not only emphasizes their physical beauty but also alludes to the delicate yet resilient nature of their traditions.

Samburu the elephant haven

elephant portrait Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya

One of the most iconic scenes in Samburu National Reserve is the sight of elephants crossing the Ewaso Nyiro River. This natural spectacle is not only a testament to the abundance of wildlife in the area but also a thrilling experience for visitors. The elephants, moving gracefully through the water, create a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the reserve’s rugged terrain.

Ewaso Nyiro River

The Ewaso Nyiro River itself is a lifeline for the wildlife in the region, attracting a diverse range of species, including crocodiles and hippos. The riverbanks provide a front-row seat for visitors to witness the ebb and flow of life in the reserve.

Beyond the river crossings, Samburu National Reserve is home to a rich array of wildlife, including lions, leopards, and various bird species. The acacia-dotted landscape, coupled with the Samburu tribe’s presence, creates a harmonious blend of nature and culture that captivates the hearts of those fortunate enough to experience it.

In essence, Samburu National Reserve is not just a haven for wildlife enthusiasts; it’s a place where the beauty of nature converges with the cultural tapestry of the Samburu tribe, making it a truly enchanting destination in the heart of Kenya’s wilderness.

Embarking on an Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya to the triumvirate of Samburu or Buffalo Springs National Reserves guarantees an almost private wildlife park experience. The presence of the Samburu special five, coupled with the distinctive features of each reserve, unfolds a captivating adventure for nature enthusiasts and safari-goers alike. This journey promises exclusive wildlife encounters amidst the breathtaking landscapes of northern Kenya, providing a truly memorable and immersive experience.


Your professional safari guide for this safari will meet you at your hotel or residence and after a briefing you will head to the jewel of the North Samburu game reserve. Arrive in time for lunch. Later in the afternoon we head out for our 1st game drive in search of the African elephant, leopards’ lions as well as the African sunset

A tailored game drive to give you the maximum time and opportunity to explore Samburu national reserve, enjoy the elephants wallowing and enjoying the brown waters of the ewaso nyiro river, Reticulated giraffes dot the landscape, the spear horned oryx, the giraffe antelope, the gerenuk, the endangered grevys zebra and the unique Somali ostrich are some of Samburu’s highlights. It is also one of the best places to see the spotted beautiful cat, the leopard, birds of prey, the Somali bee eater beautiful woodpeckers’ cheetahs. The area is named after the beautiful Samburu people who reside in this area and they have co-existed with this amazing wildlife for ages. You can visit a cultural village and get to experience some of Kenya’s diverse culture

After Breakfast and check out you will have a game drive as you exit the reserve and head back to Nairobi

Safari Cost includes/ Excludes

Cost Includes:

  • -Guaranteed safari confirmations
  • -Transport in a 4x4 land cruiser game viewing and photography
  • -Full board accommodation whilst on safari
  • -Accommodation
  • -All park entrance fees to include government taxes
  • -Service of an English-speaking professional driver/guide
  • - Extensive game drives
  • -All game drives as detailed in the itinerary
  • -Bottled water whilst on safari
  • -Start and end in Nairobi.
  • -Personalized service

Cost Excludes:

  • -Tips
  • -Laundry
  • -Beverages/Drinks
  • -International flights
  • -Visas
  • -Items of a personal nature
  • -Any other extras not detailed in
  • -Hotel accommodations in Nairobi before and after the safari
  • -optional activities

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Exquisite 3 Days Safari in Samburu kenya
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